What Clients Are Saying About RMER Courses

“Mike was great. He was very helpful, accommodating, and flexible… allowing me to adjust the course to meet my specific needs. He was also helpful in assisting with our own installation of System Builder.” (Barbara M., Boston MA)
“Mike was super! A walking Universe-apedia!” (Raymond G., TX)
“Really enjoyed Mike’s class. He kept us engaged the entire time. Labs and examples were solid. Textbook provides good explanations of each topic and will act as a reference going forward.” (Chris W., Baltimore MD)
“… was very good at pointing out what would fit my situation.” (Carrie H., online)
“Mike is incredibly helpful, fun to learn from, and keeps you engaged throughout the entire class. Never a dull moment! Mike took what typically is a bland subject (programming in general) and made it engaging.” (Alex S., Denver CO)
“Very insightful.” (Cesar O., online)
“Paced really well, with useful course materials that I’m actually using now for work. Great for UV programmers like myself who have a basic knowledge set of programming in UV but want to build a stronger ‘backbone’.” (Angela D., (Hartford CT)
“This was my first time learning anything programming related, but Mike was the best teacher and open to questions. His presentation skills were excellent. Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.” (Sarah B., Hartford CT)