Database/Technical Education

Mike Ryan, Director

Mike is the Technical Director at RMER and the principle trainer of a unique offering of multi-valued (MV) databases. His over 20 years of experience culminates into a vibrant learning environment based on creating many courses and teaching all aspects of computing. Additionally, he designs and creates eLearning courses.

As the exclusive North America Authorized Independent Training Partner (AITP) to Rocket Software specializing in MV databases, Mike takes advantage of the current courses and delivery mechanisms now in place. Through the AITP business alliance and Mike’s long-term experience and professional training skills, RMER provides technical instruction for several software products, including:

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Education is our passion…and your source for success!

RMER offers an extensive variety of MV education courses to assist you and your employees to get the most from the multi-value database. Each course and training session is designed to address a number of concerns for companies and their technical support teams:

  • bring new employees focused learning on specific subjects
  • bridge the gap between departing employees and their replacements
  • investigate new technologies with your in-house experts
  • troubleshoot your application/system performance


If you are looking for more information about our courses, call or email Mike today.